Scandanavian Steamer Trunk, originally dated 1875, 1883 and 1915 on inside of lid.  Solid oak w/candle box, original handles, etc.  Lock has been removed at some point in its past.  Ship opt 8 or 9

Victorian Steamer Trunk 1875

  • An amazing Victorian Steamer Trunk, solid oak with pine candle box and base, 1875.  Provenance is plain across front of chest, possibly Scandinavian in origin due to spelling of first owner's name.  Domed top in traditional 'Pirate' style, arrrrr, very unique and very large.  Small wheels have been added to base for ease of transport and room placement.  Size: 1360mm wide x 630mm deep x 740mm tall.  Victorian.  Ship opt 8 or 9