The Eye by Glyn Bateman    Ship opt 8/9

The Eye by Glyn Bateman

  • A very unique, hand made, dome topped chest with intricate designs covering the lid and box itself.  L535mm x D270mm x H285mm   Ship opt 6

  • Title:         THE EYE (No. 3 of 12)

    Artist:       Glyn Bateman

    Medium:  Digital Image Manipulation physically manifested by using large, metallic photographic prints mounted between perspex and aluminium

    Size:        800mm x 800mm

    Price:      £1800


    From the artist himself:

    My art practice mainly involves the use of intensive digital image manipulation and employs digital photography. My work often adopts the language of advertising, corporate identity, symbolism and the packaging of brand name commodities to provide a social commentary on contemporary culture, technology and the human condition.


    I have explored themes concerning conformity, authority, chaos and order and discovered that the use of repetition and pattern was becoming more apparent in my compositions. After constructing various pattern formations, I consider it an appropriate visual device to use in correlation with these themes. The elements that constitute the design of a pattern have to ‘conform’ to the greater scheme (gestalt) of the whole design. Pattern itself is authoritative.