Samford Ware Fantasy    Ship opt 3

Samford Ware Fantasy

  • SAMUEL FORD & CO SAMFORD WARE BURSLEM "FANTASY" ART DECO JUG / VASE This Lovely and Very Rare example of a Baluster Shaped Jug or Vase comes from Samuel Ford's Crown Pottery in Burslem Staffordshire under their Samford Ware Trade Name.  Known as 'drizzle jugs', the effect is stunning. The Jug is Baluster Shaped and Measures H190mm x W210mm x D150mm.  The item itself is in perfect condition with no chips cracks or blemishes.  The Backstamp has "Samford" at an Angle over "Ware" and there's a Pattern Name of "FANTASY" . This Style of Backstamp was used between 1936 and 1939.  Ship opt3