German Gauntlets    Ship opt 4

German Gauntlets

  • These 15th Century Style, German Gauntlets are simply incredible off the shelf articulated war gloves.  Size 9.  Ship opt 4

    Factory spec:

    Fiore dei Liberi, Italian master of the 15th C. wrote that he used gauntlets always in his duels. Gauntlets are, without any doubt, one of the most complicated and yet beautiful pieces of armour. The ones we offer here are made in the 15th century style of the German fashion.

    They are crafted from 18 gauge steel and are suitable for some re-enactment societies (please check with your safety officer).  The high quality leather glove is stitched to the tip of the fingers, so it is easily removed, replaced or repaired. Knuckle and finger articulations are decorated with brass fittings.