91ST Bomb Group B-17 Ammo    Ship opt 1

91ST Bomb Group B-17 .50 Cal Ammo

  • We have on offer a VERY limited number of 91st Bomb Group (Heavy) .50 calibre shells (decomissioned) from the Browning M2 machine gun that bristled from the fuselage of the American WWII Boeing B-17 bomber.  The shells are actual rounds from the legendary bombers themselves and have been painstakenly collected from the fields where they stood on their hardstands at Bassingbourn.

    Each bomb group was composed of four squadrons and the 322nd/323rd/324th and 401st made up the 91st BG.  The famous 'Memphis Belle' was a member of the 324th squadron and flew from Bassingbourn until her 25th mission.  The shell pictured is the actual item and is a black tipped armour piercing round.  The 'headstamp' on the bottom of the shell reads 'S L 43' which denotes manufacturer and year.  The SL stands for the St. Louis Ordnance Plant in St. Louis, Missouri (Nov 1941-June 1945) and 43 is the date year - 1943.  100% authentic and 100% guraunteed or your money back without quibble or question!

    Size: 140mm (5.5") tall x 20mm (3/4") diametre at base - brass casing with copper bullet.    Ship opt 1