Knights Templar Sword    Ship opt 8/9

Knights Templar Sword

  • The Knights Templar Sword is one of our best-selling swords and is particularly favoured by Freemasons and Templars. The broad Toledan stainless steel blade is topped by a solid steel crossguard with ornate dog-faced quillons with simple cross pattée decoration at the centre. The Templar Cross is also featured at the centre of the pommel and is surrounded by Latin/Greek text Sigillum Militum Xpisti translating as The Seal of a Soldier of Christ.

    Total length: 108 cm
    Blade length: 85 cm
    Grip length: 13.3 cm
    Guard Width: 26.5cm
    Blade thickness (base): 0.5 cm
    Blade width (base): 5.5 cm
    Point of Balance (PoB): 11.5 cm
    Weight: 1710g
    Blade: Stainless Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Pommel: Threaded
    Scabbard: Not Included