Game of Thrones King's Guard Armour    Ship opt 8/9

Game of Thrones Armour

  • Game of Thrones King's Guard Armour

    Our set of King’s Guard Armour is inspired by the armour worn by the Kingsguard in George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series and is perfect for cosplay, fancy dress, LARP or as a really cool display piece!

    This seriously impressive armour is hand crafted from 18 gauge steel with an antiqued brass finish and is heavily adorned by intricate detailing. It features overlapping leather scale armour on the neck, arms and legs and adjustable leather straps and buckles.  The dominating helmet comes complete with a padded cotton lining cap that can be glued in for comfort should you wish to wear it. The armour comes with a white cotton cape to complete the look and also includes a black steel stand for displaying (showing off) your armour when it is not being worn. 


    Height: 200cm