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Sutton Hoo Helm

  • Our Sutton Hoo Helmet is one of the best replicas available to buy in the UK. It is hand crafted from steel and brass and features hinged cheek pieces and a leather lining. It is unique and unusual display piece that never fails to impress and the adjustable leather liner allows it to be worn if you so wish. 18 gauge steel construction is not suitable for contact re-enactment.


    Height: 35cm
    Width: 22cm 
    Depth: 29cm 
    Weight: 3200g

    The Sutton Hoo Helmet is one of only four known surviving Anglo-Saxon helmets. The original is now on display in the British Museum. It was made from iron with tinned-bronze decorative plates and is the most exquisitely crafted of all the known early medieval helmets from anywhere in Northern Europe. The helmet was heavily adorned with decoration with many intricate features such a flying dragon and boars heads. Similar designs have been found on objects from Sweden and Germany and scholars still argue over their meaning. There are four kings that this helmet may have belonged to: Raedwald who was overlord of the English kingdoms between AD616 and his death (at the latest in 627, probably in 625/626), Eorpwald (died 627/628) and co-regents Sigebert and Ecric, who both died fighting Penda of Mercia in AD637.